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Monday, 30 May 2011

hi everyone

   Half term here in WALES , and what  a dreadful  start weather wise , pouring down with rain and blowing winds .  Never mind as long as there is no school kids will not mind .
   So what is everyone up to this week ?
            I have today off work but i have to go in the rest of the week , but hubby has tomorrow off . We are having friends down from Manchester next weekend and hopefully weather permitting they want to go to BARRY to see where Gavin and Stacey is made . 
        However , they find  it hard to believe we  never watch it . I know people rave about IT   possibly as i see ourselves talking and act  like them , i really do not know .
    It is less than an hours drive from us , and there is  a nice beach and things for the children and there is a lovely train journey to get there .
   As for the rest of the week , hubby will be away again , just like he has every week now for over a month . with work , Newcastle last week was a pain  , with the ash cloud.
 Anyway  , if he does has some spare time , i have bought two tins of paint , in DUCK egg blue for him to try out in the kitchen as we had new flooring laid last week , looks nice , if i say so myself , it was so in need , been waiting for kids to grow up , puppies , kittens , in the end it just needed replacing .  ( as for the kittens two are still here , soon to be 8 weeks and we are so hopeless , we get so attached ,  i wondering if they will be going any where  , not if i have my way , unless someone i know wants one )
  Ok everyone have  a great week , i am hoping to have a look at writing out some policies for my child minding , and catch on some much needed crochet  . Forget to mention i went to see a physic this week , not been since  i was young and single , some very spooky things were said and guess what  , she Even mentioned that my grand mother loved my colourful crochet blankets!!???? I KNOW  , HOW DID SHE KNOW THAT ?????!!  I will leave you all with that thought ,
        take care , speak soon love HELEN  XX


stitches from wales said...

well sounds like you've got a busy time coming up! As for Gavin & Stacey, I loveit( just watched a re run again this evening).
Tonight I have been making some squares with the flower in the middle that you gave the pattern for on here, Mine are not as nice as yours but at least I've tried and will keep at it. Of course your Grandmother knows about your colourful blankets, she's always watching over you !!. Take care Pauline x

moonstruckcreations said...

I have to admit that I have never watched Gavin and Stacey...

Just started crocheting a blanket for the first time in what must be over 30 years - really loving it so far. These days I mainly make smaller projects (cushions, scarves, jewellery, handy household thingys etc) but loved the idea of granny squares as its such a portable project to do.

Have a lovely day, Helenxx

Hahnsmum said...

l never believed in physics Helen until l went with friends to see & hear an absolutely accurate physic last year at our local RSL club... He saw me, pointed to behind me, told me there were men behind me ( passed over00.. Looks like it was my brother , my father & my Grandmother was also there..There was too much stuff he told me (( THAT only me & my immediate family know about))..Ended up drawing two NUMBERS in the air, ((67)) saying my brother & Dad were telling me they knew how old l was that following week..SPOT on.. So from now on-l do believe.. LOVE yr blog by the way-very pretty..l love crochet too so am always interested.. Best Wishes, from New England, NSW, Australia..