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Friday, 30 April 2010

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Seven things about me !!

Ok , i have been asked to write seven thing about my self, considering i can talk to anyone and find talking to complete strangers a complete breeze , this is a strangley a diffficult one !!
    Umm let me think  , am i that interesting???  well here goes :
           Ok first and foremost , i have been married to my husband for over 20 years , and we have managed to produce five healthy , hopely happy children !  considering i was never interested in children before hand , i ended up with five !!  two are now in uni , one in the  middle of doing GcSe's , one in comprehensive  , and my last little one who is only still seven !!
     Me , i am an only child ,  but was always intereseted in family history from a very young child and i have pursed this and it is so fulfilling to find  your routes and i have found through the internet , a very close friend from America, who i knew nothing about before i started , but she  was  desperately looking for her family from Wales ,  and now we speak  almost everyday through the internet  and one day we are determined to save enough money and to meet each other. Please if you have time , just take a little del into your family tree , it is surprising what u will find and this is what you are made up of !!
        I went to an all girls school , which is very unusual i know but it still happens around this area < stayed on for two years then went to work in Barclays bank !! < until my children came along . Since having them , i have worked in schools , from dinner lady , to one to one for " special needs " children and then i went i got my NVq's in child care and  worked in a nursery , till earlier this year , until funding put an end to that job !!
                to be contd >>>>>>

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday evening

Hi there  , hope u had a great weekend  , but what happened to the sun ? though we were having a warm , sunny weekend? well ,  they got that wrong again ! instead we had good old rain !!
We cannot grumble  though as we had a  great few days and garden coming on great .
All uniforms ironed ,  five shirts , spelling done  for daughter ! , made a lovely  flower from , a yogurt box , inside of kitchen roll , and finally the lid of the lid of the coffee jar , is our holder !! Looking good except , we now have  a coffee jar , which is 3/4 full without a top !!   ( and i do not drink coffee , so may be a while finishing it !)
    Oh well another week in store , volunatary work this week at the school , and then  we have MAY day off  , lets hope the sun shine for everyone !
  take care , as for crochering still working on the turquoise . mint , teal , blue , lemons , orange blanket , sound strange colours , but i think it is working well .  Take care , have a good week  luv Helen xxx

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Oh that was hard work , But look at my babies!!

Some examples of my blankets

                 Candy before kittens

Dolly and Maisey

SIX new baby kittens !!

All arrived safe and well  . Mammy and babies doing well ! two black , two black and white , one ginger , one ginger and white , and i think all boys !!   Speak soon , i am tired enough, wonder how poor mammy cat candy feels !! Helen xx

Friday, 16 April 2010

GOOD NIGHT / nos dda

night , night everyone , speak soon and i will let u know of any new arrivals to my already mad house  , which includes me , hubby , 5 kids , one jack russell , and two cats and one beautiful , funny , fluffy , female ginger kitten ! XXXX

weekend , waiting for candy's babies

Hi there  , looks like the weather is going to be great this weekend !! we hope to try and sort out the garden a little , but i am on midwife alert as i think candy's time is due. I think it will be sunday , monday but she may go over !!  she is huge , and i can sympathise with her , her bed is already and my dog is waiting too , as she loves the kittens and will be the mam when candy has her well deserved break from them !   Keep u posted , lets hope all goes well for her and she has  beautiful healthy babies . As for the crochering , i am making a lovely red  " cath kidston " copy again but i also have a lovely  teal , turquoise one to do , which i think will be lovely colours !   so enjoy your weekend

Sunday, 11 April 2010

A new Spring blanket in lemons, pinks , blue and white !!


  Ok got wedding dress and nope it would not fit!!    guess not ever going to see 8 stone again !! oh well , my 7 year old is having fun walking around wearing it !! my older girls are much taller than me , so lets hope the last one stays shorter and may get to wear it , if she wants !!  ok take care Helen XXX    still like the look of the design but just wish it would fit , may do if i stitch four of them together  , what u think shall i have a go  ??? hhahaha

silver plated !

 Found it this what 23 years of marriage is about SILVER PLATED ????   Oh well that is what google said any how ! xx

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A beautiful sunny day here in WALES!!

  Wow,  what a beautiful day today is ,so Spring like !
   Still crochering my lemon and pink blanket  and still no babies from Candy the Cat , i reckon it is next weekend , the due dates , as daddy turned up on valentines weekend ! and he did have  a good weekend , i guess!
 Any way , 23 years ago today i became a  Mrs !  So much has changed since that time . I am firstly living in a different house , which i thought i would  never do,secondly i have five children , which i most certainly did not think i would do and thirdly i am  much much bigger than 23 years ago !!
 I thought you were supposed to get better "off"" , after 23 years of marraige well finacially were are much worse off , as we were both working full time and only 4 mouths to feed , myself , hubby ,  a cat called joey and a dog called Nellie , they were part of the marriage deal !
  Now , we have  7 human mouths to feed and clothe , three cats and a dog , oh and more kittens due and i do not work !   would ?  i do it all again , i of course i would  ,but these  days they  do not get married they  just seem to set up home together and sort the  marriage thing out much later  .
 Oh well better get back to the crochering and house work , cleaning  , cooking , washing , ironing all the  normal things after 23 years !!   what is 23 years of marriage called ? any ideas ?  
  Take care everyone and enjoy the sunshine !!   Luv  Helen xxxx