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Monday, 19 July 2010

Final day tomorrow for getting it all sorted for hols !

   Hi everyone , nearly finished my pink blanket , been on it for hours today  , but need to get caravan sorted tomorrow . All kids  wardrobes emptied and  a  bag now for charity sorted , it does make your feel better to have a good clean out !
          Me  and hubby just did our good citizen act , my older daughter was taking her friend home , when she saw a man just lying on the floor , so she phoned and ask us what should she do .   Sad world  as it is i said , do not approach and me and dad will drive down now .  He was just lying there as still as a mouse , so we shouted hello , you go ok , even i was shouting to hubby , do not go too near him , you are just so nervous today . They was no response , so we phoned the police and then he suddenly stirred and then someone said they knew him drove past and got him in the car ??? But we phoned police , number plate etc  , hoping just someone  had too much to drink  ,  at least my daughter did the right thing and did not approach , just asked for help .    Oh well  just another thing , in my good Samaritans jobs !!!    
               I will keep you informed about our journey to L' Amfora , st pere  pescedor  spain . what a mouth full    . take care , everyone  lots of love Helen xxx

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Thank you all !!

                     Thank you all for wishing us a  lovely holiday , going to be crazy weekend now as need to pack all the caravan , think of all food needed for 7 , on the three days it is going to take us to get there !! Lets hope it will be worth it , the kids with enjoy it , i will take a few days to unwind though and  not to feel to guilty about my mam , who dad will be taking full  care of  when i am away , with help from some friends and family , very grateful to them .      
    Son number two safely home from France and Belgium , been to see where the  welsh soldiers lost their lives in world war 1 , with school ,    enjoyed his first trip away on his own but me  back up early to get the washing done again !! does anyone know of any fairies who help with washing and ironing please ? do you have their number ? much appreciated !   
 Take  care , will keep you informed of how my weekend goes .  Enjoy your weekend every one ,  love Helen  xxxx

Friday, 16 July 2010


 Hi every mam out there , well that's it  , in this  house , all five of them home now !!  We are off on our BIG adventure next week .  Hubby is driving the 7 of us , caravan in tow  , down to the channel tunnel crossing , all the way through France and eventually , hopefully three days later , all in tact , in one piece and all still talking  to each other to SPAIN !!   Loads to do this  weekend , pack caravan for seven , all food , clothes etc > all animals catered for cat, sitters all  sorted , dog going on her hols too !! I hope it will be worth it when we get there , as it gets harder not easier as they get older !! they get bigger (of course  ) > they want to take  more and have plenty more to say !! 
   As long as we have room for my crochet hook and wool , i do not mind !!!    Speak soon and good luck mams and of course dad on the school holidays .    Lots of love Helen xxxx

Sunday, 11 July 2010

And the winner is >>>>>>>>>

 congratulations !!!!!  
                          Thank you for everyone who entered and i hope you will be pleased  NANA GO GO   .
                 i will be posting another  give away after the schools hols , ready for xmas !! ( dare i say that word already )     Xxx

about to pick a winner

All ready in the box

another entry at the last minute ,sorry not showing on normal comments xx


I found your blog via Bunny Mummy too - and would love to win the giveaway,I will be back visiting lots

Thursday, 8 July 2010

MORE good news

 Cousin all well  and has been discharged from hospital , just left with a left hand that so far does not work very well , hopefully will be ok with a little rest .   SO good news  , no hope , two weeks later discharge from hospital ???  not his time or someone looking out for him ???  
                      Anyway  , still working on my muilt coloured blanket , hope to finish it this weekend , photo to follow hopefully and please do not forget about my give way on sunday  , thanks for all the lovely comments  and   good luck everyone    XXXXXXXXXXXX                lots of love Helen xx

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY the twins are 19 today !!!

  Happy birthday to my twins , age 19 years young today !  Had a house party for them last night  , all went well , busy , tiring but they enjoyed it which is the main thing !!   One gone to see Leona Lewis in Cardiff , the other gone down his friends tonight !!
              19 years ago tonight i was in full labour with the twins , little did we realize how much work would  be in volved in the first few years , but then could  not have been that bad as we went on to have three more !!                      Hope they have had a good day and me  need to get back to crochering , i have 24 hours off now and i have withdrawal symptons   !!   Take care , Speak soon    Love  Helen xxx

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Hi there , just a quick note to let you all know cousin is doing brilliant !!    Off all machines and things are looking much , much brighter , so unbelievable  from Monday .    Just starting doing some crochering ,as my  head has not been in gear .
 Thanks again Helen XXX  Ps   thanks for all the lovely  comments  about my crochet cushions        xxxxxxxxxxx