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Hi if you would like me to make any blankets in a particular colour or size etc ,

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All hand made for you , by myself in Wales xx

Monday, 31 May 2010

been here today XX   i left a couple of my little cards about my blankets  here today , as i thought it was a good place to let people know  about my crochering , i do hope someone , googgles me and does not just throw them in the bin !!

This is where i went for a few days   This is agreat place for kids < we have been going here now for over twelve years .
    It has been agreat place for teh children and they have grown up here and if you have a caravan, tent or campervan  It is great just gets booked up real quickly .
   Thsi is probably our last year though , we have booked next easter but it is time  to start going else where for us , but if you have young children they will love it , plenty of fresh air , parks , cycling , walking , swimming , soft play area and restaurant to eat and entertainment provided for the young  children too !!
    Me  ,  i have been crochering outside my caravan and everyone been looking at my red blankets  i have been doing , they are coming along nicely  and then  i have the blue one to get started .
       take care and i  hope everyone had a great bank holiday weekend ! 

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Chez Sophie: Simply Chic Giveaway

Chez Sophie: Simply Chic Giveaway

 Please take a Peek , lovely Lady and a lovely  blog !!   xxx x

Friday, 28 May 2010

Fancy winning a Campervan !!   Hi , I thought you may be interested in trying to win this campervan ,  i am sure one  of my crochet blanket would look at home  in one of these !!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Another hand crochet cushion cover

A lovely comment !!

Read more: http://wwAnonymous has left a new comment on your post "crochet blanket by helen fisher":

An exceptionally talented lady, who produces the most beautiful work, from classic traditional to modern vivid and colourful styles.

Helen's creations will fit and suit all ages and tastes to provide a wonderful unique handmade piece whether for personal use or the home directly from the heart of Wales.

Friday, 14 May 2010

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Daughters leavers assembley !!

  Hi there , well just been to my daughters Leaving assembley from school . what has happened to all those years ?  do you remeber your last day at school ?  it is all so different now , i never had a assembly i just remember all us girls going back after all the exmas were finished .
It got me thinking about " lost friends " , who now may well be on facebook but what are thier new married name ?  Most of my friends , well all but one think has moved away from the area wher we were brought up , as all went to uni except me! all have fabulous jobs , homes , families etc etc .
  Me live one mile away from where   i as brought up , in fact i live in the house my father grew up in !!
And work , well it all started off ok barclays bank , but then five kids came along and then went back into this teaching assistant work to fit in with the children but now , no work as more and more budgets are   being   cut    ! any way , still with the "boy " from school , so i must be doing something right !!
    My daugher   goes to the  same All GIRLs school , are there many of these around now?  i have no idea.
  Is it wrong or not , ???/ All i know is   these girls seem to do very well in examinations , with no boys to distract them , much better than the all boys school!
    Oh well best of luck to anyone with children doing their   Gcse's which start next week , and do not forget to tell them , just try your best , no more can be asked of you , aim high but above all i tell them please           be HAPPY , we will all find our path in life , some sooner than others  and anyway life is a lot of luck too !!
       Take care and next will be PROM night !!     Helen xx

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Another blanket made by myself

me and hubby last year in the sunny south of France !! Biscarrosse

please feel free to look at fishoseven on flickr too !!

                                         please also  look at   

                                                    fishoseven flickr
                                                                                     Thank you Xx

A big thank to everyone who visits my crochering blog !!

  Morning everyone , i would like  to say  BIG BIG thank you to everyone who has visited me , since the  Lovely ,Lucy from Attic 24, mentioned me in her very popular and friendly blog !!
   Thank you all so much and could not believe how many of you , love to crochet too! Glad to see it is all "coming " back into fashion .  I still have my first  bed blanket i made when i was about 9  10 years of age , which my mam still has in her house and it is just about all in tact !!???
  Busy day for  me as usual , still been up early doing a few red granny squares for my New blanket ! All Cath kidston looking yummiest about it !!  Hubby off to scotland with work , and it looks pretty cold and
miserable weather wise up there according to GMTV .   Me  , normal mother of five things to do , then college to try and get this NVQ finished in childcare and learning development ?? , then check on my poor mam who has this cruel , horrible alzheimer's disease  , such an unfair and degrading disease  and then back to the normal mam of five things as it will be tea time in this mad , lively  crazy household !! Oh and i guess listen again and again about the dare i say it Our new prime  minister , please do not get me started on that !         
           Anyway catch you all later and thanks again for taking the time to drop by and i will keep you updated on the new blankets  , Luv Helen xxxxxx

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Where I live

Hi all,

Would you like to know something about where I live?

Wales along with England, Scotland and Northern Ireland makes up the country of United Kingdom or UK for short or even Britain.

We are a Principality so have our own Prince -- Prince Charles the Queens son. Prince Charles' wife Camilla isn't our Princess though. Our last one was of course the much loved, the sadly departed Diana, Princess of Wales.

I live in the South Wales valleys which were heavily industrialised in the last century but is now an ambundance of green and beauty. I walk out of my back door and don't see another home for 10 miles.

It has of course its rough spots but then again hasn't evey country!

The Welsh are a very proud race and are often heard of calling themselves Welsh above British but the Scots, Irish & English are the same. We are proud of our inheritance and passionate about our Welsh rugby!

Famous Welshmen are Tom Jones, Dylan Thomas, Anthony Hopkins, Lloyd George
Famous Welsh women are Laura Ashley, Shirley Bassey, Catherine Zeta Jones,

If you'd like to read more here's the link to Wikipedia on Wales
& The South Wales Valleys

Thanks again for reading my back!

Two new baby boy blankets just finished !! Xx