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Friday, 14 May 2010

Daughters leavers assembley !!

  Hi there , well just been to my daughters Leaving assembley from school . what has happened to all those years ?  do you remeber your last day at school ?  it is all so different now , i never had a assembly i just remember all us girls going back after all the exmas were finished .
It got me thinking about " lost friends " , who now may well be on facebook but what are thier new married name ?  Most of my friends , well all but one think has moved away from the area wher we were brought up , as all went to uni except me! all have fabulous jobs , homes , families etc etc .
  Me live one mile away from where   i as brought up , in fact i live in the house my father grew up in !!
And work , well it all started off ok barclays bank , but then five kids came along and then went back into this teaching assistant work to fit in with the children but now , no work as more and more budgets are   being   cut    ! any way , still with the "boy " from school , so i must be doing something right !!
    My daugher   goes to the  same All GIRLs school , are there many of these around now?  i have no idea.
  Is it wrong or not , ???/ All i know is   these girls seem to do very well in examinations , with no boys to distract them , much better than the all boys school!
    Oh well best of luck to anyone with children doing their   Gcse's which start next week , and do not forget to tell them , just try your best , no more can be asked of you , aim high but above all i tell them please           be HAPPY , we will all find our path in life , some sooner than others  and anyway life is a lot of luck too !!
       Take care and next will be PROM night !!     Helen xx

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crafty cat corner said...

Hi Helen,
I remember having a do with a teacher once over my son not trying hard enough, I told her the same as you, as long as he is happy I don't care what he ends up doing, and you know what, he ended up as an air traffic controller, without any pushing from us. My other son started out working in several jobs including asphalting on the roofs until he lost his job and went cleaning in the local hospital, from there he trained as a nurse and is now a charge nurse the equivalent of a sister.
So, I say let them find their own feet, it will all turn out okay in the end.
Being happy and having a laugh is not always easy, but its the best all round for your health, forget gyms and running, put on a good old comedy film and laugh your socks off !!!!!!LOL