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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Where I live

Hi all,

Would you like to know something about where I live?

Wales along with England, Scotland and Northern Ireland makes up the country of United Kingdom or UK for short or even Britain.

We are a Principality so have our own Prince -- Prince Charles the Queens son. Prince Charles' wife Camilla isn't our Princess though. Our last one was of course the much loved, the sadly departed Diana, Princess of Wales.

I live in the South Wales valleys which were heavily industrialised in the last century but is now an ambundance of green and beauty. I walk out of my back door and don't see another home for 10 miles.

It has of course its rough spots but then again hasn't evey country!

The Welsh are a very proud race and are often heard of calling themselves Welsh above British but the Scots, Irish & English are the same. We are proud of our inheritance and passionate about our Welsh rugby!

Famous Welshmen are Tom Jones, Dylan Thomas, Anthony Hopkins, Lloyd George
Famous Welsh women are Laura Ashley, Shirley Bassey, Catherine Zeta Jones,

If you'd like to read more here's the link to Wikipedia on Wales
& The South Wales Valleys

Thanks again for reading my back!


swedishouse said...

Hi Helen

That was really interesting. I like to know all about where people live. Have a great evening
Love Julie x

a simple quilter said...

Absolutely love your crochet and your use of colors is fantastic! I saw your afghans in the caravan book that Lucy over at Attic24 shared with her readers. Have ordered my own copy here in the States just for the afghan photos.