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Monday, 30 May 2011

hi everyone

   Half term here in WALES , and what  a dreadful  start weather wise , pouring down with rain and blowing winds .  Never mind as long as there is no school kids will not mind .
   So what is everyone up to this week ?
            I have today off work but i have to go in the rest of the week , but hubby has tomorrow off . We are having friends down from Manchester next weekend and hopefully weather permitting they want to go to BARRY to see where Gavin and Stacey is made . 
        However , they find  it hard to believe we  never watch it . I know people rave about IT   possibly as i see ourselves talking and act  like them , i really do not know .
    It is less than an hours drive from us , and there is  a nice beach and things for the children and there is a lovely train journey to get there .
   As for the rest of the week , hubby will be away again , just like he has every week now for over a month . with work , Newcastle last week was a pain  , with the ash cloud.
 Anyway  , if he does has some spare time , i have bought two tins of paint , in DUCK egg blue for him to try out in the kitchen as we had new flooring laid last week , looks nice , if i say so myself , it was so in need , been waiting for kids to grow up , puppies , kittens , in the end it just needed replacing .  ( as for the kittens two are still here , soon to be 8 weeks and we are so hopeless , we get so attached ,  i wondering if they will be going any where  , not if i have my way , unless someone i know wants one )
  Ok everyone have  a great week , i am hoping to have a look at writing out some policies for my child minding , and catch on some much needed crochet  . Forget to mention i went to see a physic this week , not been since  i was young and single , some very spooky things were said and guess what  , she Even mentioned that my grand mother loved my colourful crochet blankets!!???? I KNOW  , HOW DID SHE KNOW THAT ?????!!  I will leave you all with that thought ,
        take care , speak soon love HELEN  XX

Monday, 23 May 2011

kittens gone to new home

  Two black girls kittens gone to their new home , gone togther so will have lots of fun growing up in the same house 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Crochet flowers

   I have been trying to take photos os step by steps of my flowers but photography is not for me .
           1         what i start with is 6 chain stitches and join them together.  a circle is formed.

            2        next 5 chain stitches  , then then just  one loop stitch  into the circle that has formed  and then A double crochet stitch into the circle and then again two chain stitches to take you around the circle .
repeat  this until you have 8 branches from the  circle  , then join with another loop stitch so you have the centre made.
 3       next   ,     do two chain stitches into one of the gaps and then three double crochet stitches and another two stitches and a lop into the same gap and you have made in the one petal .
  4   repeat this i into all the gaps and make 8 petals .
    5  join together to make the flower , with 8 petals .
    6    go to the back of the flower and i make 4 chain  stitches and just join with loop stitches to where every i have attached the petal  tothe  centre and again repeat   four chain stitches .  
   this sounds very complicated but it is not  honestly if i can do it .
  will try get photos up soon  
 lots of love helen xx

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


   Morning , a few people have asked me about my flowers , i will try and  put something on the blog tomorrow about how i make them , no pattern , just made from my head , so i hope they work for you .  Sorry just too busy today .I  have my cousins two children today , and lunch i have to collect my younger two and take them to the dentist  , take number three child to sit her AS exam , then collect my number two child and then  go to WORK .
   i have warne myself out just thinking about it , so not much time for crocheting today i think .
         take care everyone LOVE   Helen xx 

Monday, 16 May 2011

Hi everyone

And so a start of another busy week . Hubby away in Manchester again this week , me working every evening , and two school dentist trips this week , with the younger two .
 The older ones all busy as university exams and sixth form exams , so again they busy too.
 I did my first six hour on the FIRST AID COURSE ,  so if you collapse  in front of me now , i now know who to phone 999   , just like i knew before . Seriously though it is a brilliant course , another six hours next hours , all helping towards getting my child minding business underway .
  Well all have  a great week , i am making a cream crochet  cushion cover at the moment , so look out for that photo on the weekend , wrap up warm everyone , cold out there today    , take care love Helen xx

Sunday, 15 May 2011

  did you see these on the television last night ?   these cakes showed up on the bottom of the screen last  night !!! while we were watching the  Eurovision  song contest  , these came up on the twitter page

       Helen xx

eurovision cakes made by my daughter & her friend xx

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


  Just to cheer you up  i just took a photo of my dog  who seems blissfully unaware of any lifes dramas and smiling in her sleep  XX

Sunday, 8 May 2011


new flower cushion cover


new blue crochet cushion cover

Happy mothers day to evryone in America

  have a great day everyone , not mother' s day here  in UK  , but enjoy it all you busy mam's on the over side of the pond .
 If you still have your mam , enjoy your day with her too and if not just spare a small moment to enjoy the happy moments you spent with her and when she gave you her happiest smile . I do have my mam but unfortunatley  this Alzheimer's has taken away her even remotest memory of me . xxx

Friday, 6 May 2011

friday x

  thank good need its FRIDAY !!  I will be glad  not to rush straight to bed  , as the rest of the household with still be up . I Should be going on a food hygiene course tomorrow for my child minding , more lectures , can i take any more 
  onto a lighter note , look at my lovely kittens growing fast , got to find some loving homes soon as they are getting just toooo gorgeous       lots of love Helen xx

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Been working two nights now , well not really working yet , just listening to all the do,s and don'ts.
  will have to let you know if i enjoy in a few days after a get more tired . think the house is already seeing  a difference with me not being here but it is a big change for everyone , but even though i am not a money driven person , we do need more at this time in our journey through life . ( wow that sounds deep ) .
I would much prefer just to be here crocheting and making a little cottage industry .
  speak later , enjoy your day everyone , love Helen x

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Good Morning everyone Xx

 well my crochet cushion cover has been posted , lets hope DEE  will be pleased .
  Last evening was my first day working , or should i say evening working . Well it has been 20 years since i last worked in an office , i will let you know is i am going to be able to cope , as i now have far more going on  at home with my brood and of course , i am 20 years older !! SORRY TO SAY .
            Nothing changes though in offices ,  i think i can generally judge people quite quickly but i am going to keep an open mind and i have been very quiet which is a great achievement for me , i did very little talking and anyone one who knows me , knows that is not me !! hahaha .  The one thing i found was how many older , some fantastically well educated people out there ( not me included i may add )  , who even older than me and are out of work , to be honest the people who were trying to get employed seemed far clever that people trying to teach them the work .
  On to another day got to go wake my brood up as first day all back to school here  , speak soon , take care Helen  xx me possible by the end of the week

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

 and i lived to tell the tale !!

Monday, 2 May 2011

and the winner is >>>>>>>

  Hi  everyone , sorry about the delay of the give away , just been catching up and all washing , ironing completed after the holidays ,  4 children back tomorrow     , just one home and i will be looking after my cousin child for  a  few hours too !!!
    Anyway on with the draw   all put in a lovely pink box ......................   giving this job to my youngest daughter           , would just like to say a big big thank you for everyone stopping by and  i real ., real love to hear  your comments            ok , ok  here she goes hand in box                         DELIA  HORNBOOK  
CONGRATULATIONS , YOU HAVE WON THE CROCHET  CUSHION COVER      i do hope you will be pleased  lots and lots of love Helen xx               

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Back from hols

  wow hope you all enjoyed the royal wedding , we had our caravan decorated with flags and had a little tea party for the happy couple ! 
pleasew leave me a comment  , love to hear from you all  xxx
  Back to school this week for us  , but loads of washing to do for me first ! Weather has been fabulous, so kids have had a ball !!
            speak soon everyone and please remember last day for my give away !! love Helen xx