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Saturday, 30 April 2011


hope everyone had a great EASTER and you all enjoyed the Royal wedding XXX

Friday, 22 April 2011

off to a caravan for a few days

Read more:   not this one but still we can dream , hubby got a few days off work  xx  so forest of dean , here we come xxx
      older ones staying ,as someone needs to cat sit !! xx

Monday, 18 April 2011


   School holidays start today here !!
   Kids all still asleep here yippee !!!
              Weather is fab too , so i cannot complain so far !!  Hubby gone to Cornwall with work for a few days , and we are hoping to get away for a few days next week to the forest of dean , Gloucester . Lets hope we can take the  three dogs and i have someone calling in to check on our new kittens  .  Look how cute , just over a week old . all looking for their forever loving homes xxx
   I am off to do a little crochet before kids wake up  . washing on , dish washer on , as   i will be busy as soon as they wake up and middle daughter is off to LA this week so still plenty of packing to do !!

 speak soon love HELEN  XXX

hi new blanket for Zoe xx


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

New crochet cushion covers



    Yes someone wants me !!  Only temporary but it fits in with children , going to hard going i know but we need the money !!   , will they be able to cope with me  !!  my daughter think not as i talk too much !I am able to  take the the children to school , pick them up , still help out with my mam , still crochet  i hope ! and then have enough energy to get paid for some work !!      Start next month , i will keep you informed .
Oh i have finished three crochet cushions and started my black blanket photos to follow !
             have a good day everyone . love Helen xx

Monday, 11 April 2011

thanks for your lovely comments XX

 And no i would not have it any other way !   Marriage is going out of fashion now i know but i guess i am from the old school of thought !! 

   Yes who would have thought it , just sweet seventeen when we meet and look at us now , 29 years together and 24 years married ,   oops giving my age now  XXX  Helen  xxx

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Went to the National Library of Wales

  Went to the library yesterday to see what information they have on family history .  I have been going to go for years but there never seems to any time . Very impressive building , very tight security though , felt too much to me , i know they have so many important records held there , and so many security guards everywhere , but i only used their computer honest . Had a quick glance at the 1911 census , as i have done most of the others, and found my grand mother age just one, with her sister age 3.
  Does any one else do family history ?  You either are really fascinated with it or just do not see the interest at all. I have gone back hundreds of years , on the Mutton branch , down Devon way and there is even a glass window in one of the churches in it with the name on it  !
     My family names are LEWIS . FISHER. GARDENER. MUTTON , MOSELEY, HEAVEN , GWILYM , to name just a few . Any connections to any one ?
                        Have  a great day everyone , one child to pick up from a sleep over for me soon , another has a driving lesson , one going to Cardiff , so busy as always for me and crocheting when i can catch 5 Min's .
                   Speak soon , take care love Helen xx

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Look at one of my blankets in a camper van

Photo belongs to Lucy lord from snailtrail

ABERYSTWYTH tomorrow !

 I am off to the national library of Wales , would love to go and stay longer to look at all the genealogy records but still this will have to be done at another time . I have been tracing my family tree now for too many years to remember before it is even was popular .
   Have a great day , went to IKEA but did not buy any thing but the weather was so beautiful .
speak tomorrow , take care  Helen  xxx   kittens  are  great  , one even has one eye open    , i think we have 3 girls and one boy   xxx

Kittens doing well

 All the kittens look very fit and well and mammy cat is looking as stunning as ever , all her figure is back and she looks so beautiful with her fluffy coat , no wonder the ugly looking local tom cat fell for her !   Luckily her kittens have their mams stunning face  !!    xxx

Sultan in the park behind my garden

  The last pit pony in Penallta colliery