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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Went to the National Library of Wales

  Went to the library yesterday to see what information they have on family history .  I have been going to go for years but there never seems to any time . Very impressive building , very tight security though , felt too much to me , i know they have so many important records held there , and so many security guards everywhere , but i only used their computer honest . Had a quick glance at the 1911 census , as i have done most of the others, and found my grand mother age just one, with her sister age 3.
  Does any one else do family history ?  You either are really fascinated with it or just do not see the interest at all. I have gone back hundreds of years , on the Mutton branch , down Devon way and there is even a glass window in one of the churches in it with the name on it  !
     My family names are LEWIS . FISHER. GARDENER. MUTTON , MOSELEY, HEAVEN , GWILYM , to name just a few . Any connections to any one ?
                        Have  a great day everyone , one child to pick up from a sleep over for me soon , another has a driving lesson , one going to Cardiff , so busy as always for me and crocheting when i can catch 5 Min's .
                   Speak soon , take care love Helen xx

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Hazel said...

My mum studied her genealogy quite a lot in the past. She went quite far back. It meant summer hols as a child meant strolling round graveyards in Scotland looking at epitaphs!!! x