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Saturday, 2 April 2011

 shame , my mam does not know she  is a mam or a grandma xx  ( alzheimer's has robbed her of this )  xx


swedishouse said...

Hej Helen
What a lovely little poem.
Alzheimers...has taken our Mum's & our children's nana/grandma and just left a shell of a person...BUT what I truely believe is that they know and understand still the meaning of LOVE and that they are LOVED. That's a great comfort that this wicked disease has not robbed them of the capacity to LOVE & BE LOVED!
Sending you much love & hugs Helen
LOVE PEACE enJOY the best of what remains...

P.S. Chat later x

Nana Go-Go said...

So sorry about your Mum Helen - everything that Julie says is so true. When my best Auntie was in hospital with it in the final stages, I went to visit her and when she saw me coming her eyes went very wide and she mouthed my name. I`m totally convinced to this day she still knew who I was and it was a great comfort to me to know I had sparked a tiny little memory in her ravaged brain that made her happy. She was a very wonderful person and she didn`t deserve to go so horribly. I`ll never forget her.