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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Last week before school starts

  Good Morning well the weather looks lovley here in Wales , let hope it stays that way .  Wishing every mother good luck with getting the final preperations to get your little "darlings" back to school . If any ones child is starting school this September , good luck to mam , the child will be fine Believe  me , i have worked in a nursery many time over the past few years ( No Job at the moment  though , another story ) , and as soon as mam disappears they sush , no crying  honestly ! Of course it is  all new to them and maybe a little daunting , but most children go to some sort  of play group now , they seem to enjoy school loads ! The little boys seem to be the best at making mam feel gulity , the little girls always seemed more grown up about the great adventure of starting " big school " .
        Before you know it they  will be off to secondary school and then more worries appear , oh being a parent , is a never ending worry !!   
    Oh well my little girl is soon starting Juniors , all excitied at the moment , not sure if she will want to go on Friday as well as Thursday though !  All unifrom bought , just need to try it all on , new bag , new pencils etc  , girls seem to love their bags at an very early age .    Good luck at prepering they for school , I have one starting Thursday , another Friday , another  on Monday , the older  ones still not back in Uni !!
          Speak soon and lets enjoy their last 2 days all together !!! before they  will be soon nagging about dare i say it       "christmas" . XXX
               Helen xx

Monday, 30 August 2010


What a lovely day here is South  Wales , I have been here today  .

 Please take a look , only 2 miles from my house , a lovely place and took my jack  russell dog ,as there was a dog show there today .  She came second in  the running race , beaten by a whippet !!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Another photo of my version of a Cath kidston style crochet blanket

The edge of my blue crochet granny blanket

My new granny squared blue blanket by Helen Fisher xx

New Cath Kidston bed for my cats !!

 Bought this in a dog show this weekend for my cats and all the  funds were going to stray cats and dogs !

GCSE results

            Hope everyone did well in  their Gcse's  results.  Worrying time for them all and even more for the parents i think !
              My daughter did very well , thankfully and all her friends , she managed to pass all  her 11  GCSE's  . well done Emily , now this  is just the  start   , back to do her A levels now .  Great to see that hard work , does pay off , and this  i am sure will boast their confidence  Good luck to everyone and if  your children did not get want they  needed or wanted , please assure them everyone is different and some kids will excel and find their own path  later in life maybe  , look at Simon Cowell , with no formal qualifications ???  Success is not only education but happiness & health  is the best gift in life , i am sure !!    speak soon    Love Helen xx

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Table for 31 please !!! no problems in Spain XXX

My favourite food on holidays

two of my girls

my "little " brood


more photos of sunny spain !!

photo of even bigger kids on holidays

Back to reality!!

 Well holidays over ,  now back to some sort of normality, if there ever will be in my House !!  
    Still trying to get my washing finished , house slowing coming together  , freezer still empty though !!
          photo of the "kids " on the  holidays ! XXx

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Beautiful place San Pere Pescador in Spain

  Lovely , lovely place to visit in Spain . Fabulous weather , friendly people , fish , and sand , sea all wonderful .
         Journey was very  , very long , through the tunnel , down all through France , over the Millau Bridge , and then into sunny Spain ( approx 1015 miles later  !!! )  .
       The camp site was brillaint for children , right on the beach , full of dutch and just about 10% were from Britain .
  I would highly recommend this place to people with or without a large family and the spanish were so, so pleasant with us .
    Now , i am in the  middle of very large  mountain of washing , think it is nearly as high at that Millau Bridge , i will up load some photos soon , take care everyone and i will be glad to get back to my crochering as soon as possible .
   Bye for now  love Helen xx

Monday, 9 August 2010