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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Last week before school starts

  Good Morning well the weather looks lovley here in Wales , let hope it stays that way .  Wishing every mother good luck with getting the final preperations to get your little "darlings" back to school . If any ones child is starting school this September , good luck to mam , the child will be fine Believe  me , i have worked in a nursery many time over the past few years ( No Job at the moment  though , another story ) , and as soon as mam disappears they sush , no crying  honestly ! Of course it is  all new to them and maybe a little daunting , but most children go to some sort  of play group now , they seem to enjoy school loads ! The little boys seem to be the best at making mam feel gulity , the little girls always seemed more grown up about the great adventure of starting " big school " .
        Before you know it they  will be off to secondary school and then more worries appear , oh being a parent , is a never ending worry !!   
    Oh well my little girl is soon starting Juniors , all excitied at the moment , not sure if she will want to go on Friday as well as Thursday though !  All unifrom bought , just need to try it all on , new bag , new pencils etc  , girls seem to love their bags at an very early age .    Good luck at prepering they for school , I have one starting Thursday , another Friday , another  on Monday , the older  ones still not back in Uni !!
          Speak soon and lets enjoy their last 2 days all together !!! before they  will be soon nagging about dare i say it       "christmas" . XXX
               Helen xx

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