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All hand made for you , by myself in Wales xx

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Happy New year !

 Happy new year  to everyone , hope you all have a prosperous , healthy , happy  , lucky new year !!    XXXx   Here,s to many more months of crochering  XX

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Friday, 24 December 2010

Bring on Christmas !!

Already now, just waiting for santa! Duck cooking, turkey and chicken tomorrow to be cooked tomorrow,  ham already cooked. Stockings hung, house hoovered, just veg to be cleaned! =D


More puppies xx


one of maisey puppies xx

Thursday, 23 December 2010

My pink granny squared blanket x

Merry Xmas everyone !!!

 Still loads of snow and still not able to get my car out  but thankfully for hubby having a day off and his 4 x 4 !
    Sad start to the day  friends funeral  , only 43 years of age and had an accident on hols in Canada , very , very sad for all his family especially his mam , who also lost her husband , his dad when he was also very young  , thinking of you all XXX
      ON to happier time  Christmas eve tomorrow ,as my five kids keep reminding me and i know  i still have wrapping to get sorted , only things that has failed to get done is some cards , as unable to get out  much this week because of the Snow but all have been phoned and wished happy , Christmas from me .
    Turkey bought , duck is defrosting , pig in blankets bought ,  vegetables all bought , cakes done , mince pies done and i even went as far as having a  Port and lemonade last night first time in well over 20 years , oh so  sad  you may think  , tired this drink and finally remember how lovely i used to think these were .  Been so busy with the  Kids over the years , and never drink so quite a surprise for me to even try it again but friends called in unexceptedly and guess what i enjoyed a bit of chill time with them  XX  Thank you  XXx    
      Keep calm tomorrow everyone i know there is loads to do  but we must keep all these childrens dreams alive with their Christmas wishes , Nadolig Llawen everyone  XXX Please enjoy your family times together  xx

Pink crochet granny blanket

MY last crochet granny blanket christmas pressie finished !

Monday, 20 December 2010


 What a load of snow again in Wales !!
   A one hour journey , is now taking over 5 half hours ,  no trains , no buses and then traffic accidents everywhere , a total nightmare but count myself lucky , i am not at the airport  .  XXX

Happy Birthday to my dad 74 years young today !!

   Happy Birthday Dad , Hard to believe you will be 74 years today , as you seem no different from the day i left home !
   Unfortunately we can not do anything special for you ,  as firstly we cannot even attempt to get the car out , just walk and trudge through this thick white snow  to visit you  and you cannot get out anyway , as you  look after  mam , with this cruel Alzheimer's  disease  , who does not  even know   who this is stranger "you " in her house is , let alone know , it will be your 48 wedding anniversary on Wednesday of this  week ..
    Take care everyone , keep warm , try not too stress to much as this i know is a very busy week for everyone  and  last of all try and enjoy life XX