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Monday, 20 December 2010

Happy Birthday to my dad 74 years young today !!

   Happy Birthday Dad , Hard to believe you will be 74 years today , as you seem no different from the day i left home !
   Unfortunately we can not do anything special for you ,  as firstly we cannot even attempt to get the car out , just walk and trudge through this thick white snow  to visit you  and you cannot get out anyway , as you  look after  mam , with this cruel Alzheimer's  disease  , who does not  even know   who this is stranger "you " in her house is , let alone know , it will be your 48 wedding anniversary on Wednesday of this  week ..
    Take care everyone , keep warm , try not too stress to much as this i know is a very busy week for everyone  and  last of all try and enjoy life XX


swedishouse said...

Hej Helen
Happy Birthday to your lovely Dad!
What would we do without our Dads?
And our Mums especially ...
Keep warm and safe
Speak soon

Nana Go-Go said...

Hi Helen, your heartfelt words are so comforting sometimes. Happy Birthday to your Dad (same age mine`s would have been if he was still with us) and Happy Anniversary to them when it comes. Your poor Mum won`t even know it`s her special day but you will. Artic conditions here as well - all our plans on hold at the moment.
Keep safe Helen. x