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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas !!

  Hi everyone , just two more baby blanket to make  , then hopefully make some for my daughter friend , oh i am thinking i am going to be up all hours finishing these blankets  !
 Then i have extra hours at school this week , wrapping , shopping and of course my own children's concerts  ,My one daughter birthday 27  ,my dads birthday 20 DEC , their anniversary 48 years on the 22 DEC , but unfortunately due to this cruel Alzheimer's disease , my mother does not even know  who she is let alone her husband and daughter .  However Merry Xmas everyone , and try not to get too over worked all us mams and women out there ,as i know  how stressful Xmas can be  !
  Take care , off shopping now and catch you all later  . Lots of love  Helen xx


Emma Kate said...

Oh isn't it a busy time of year, my hands are getting bruised from all this crocheting to order lol! That is so sad about your Mum, it is such a horrible condition. Merry Christmas Helen hope you find some fun in the shopping...take 5 and have a hot chocolate watching people walking past!

Erin said...

Luckily, I have all my shopping finished this year. I am usually a last minute shopper.

I know how the alzheimers disease is. My Grandmother-in-law had this disease and I was one of the members of the family to help watch her. It is very sad how the disease acts.