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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Glad its Friday tomorrow !

  Hi everyone , gosh what a week !! sickness bugs hit this house full on !!
 Poor little Lucy been off school 4 days but we are all  well now thank goodness ,  between the lose of the  hour on the weekend and then up most nights with even me having this sickness bug , i will be glad to get to bed tonight and hopefully sleep until 6 !!! lets just hope !
  Hope  everyone else has had a better week than me , however i have a few crochet orders so that is all good and had an e mail  saying i passed one intrerview for a job, keep me on file  , no idea if that is good or bad mind you and got some  more forms for more jobs to fill in again !!
 Any way speak soon and please leave me a comment on my    FREE GIVEAWAY  for a white cotton crochet cushion cover ., please leave to read your comments , no matter how big or small please say something to me , very friendly welsh blogger here honest , loving to hear from you all   .
    Take care everyone love   Helen  xx

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Thursday, 24 March 2011


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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Holiday Inn Express Marina Del Rey/venice Area Hotel pics,photos,
First hotel my daughter is staying at, Holiday Inn Express in Marina Del Rey, right next to Venice Beach!
She'll be visiting all the famous hollywood stops, such as

Then she'll be flying from LAX to San Francisco!
Visiting Alcatraz, and the famous Golden Gate Bridge.



  Yes daughter who is in lower sixth form is off to the Hollywood studios on a school trip for 8 days over  Easter  .
   They have been saving for over a year and first time the  school has run the trip.
  Cost a small fortune , Visa , new passport , clothes  , spending money and i am sure she will think of something else to spend soon !!
  Oh well it is her 18 birthday later in the year , so having an early birthday present , hope  she remembers !
     Next she will want to learn to drive  , no wonder i am still looking for a job !!
    Tried again , but nothing about and so crocheting it is for me !!
  speak soon , will up load of photos of where she is off soon .
     Beautiful day today everyone , hope everyone enjoyed the lovely sunshine    Snowdrop by ggwildlife First signs of Spring in wales  xx

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Daughter off to HOLLYWOOD

 in 4 weeks !!! Lucky thing xx


 Lovely bright morning here !! Been up early  , took hubby to train  for work , washing on , dogs and cats all sorted , had my breakfast and now need to start waking up my the children for the school runs!! And it only 7 o clock !
  I have to go to the job centre again !  It is the most depressing place ever invented , loads of people  with no hope and seemingly no future !! Lets hope the  budget , helps to lift this country today .  
Catch you all later , loads to get done and best of all may be soem crochering ! 
  Going off the subject ,    daughter went to see Tyler Swift last night in Birmigham  , thought she was BRILLIANT !!
    Happy days  love  Helen xx