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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Good morning everyone !

 How is everyone ? Had a good week ?
 Quite depressing one here  But i am not hear to make everyone feel down in the dumps but to cheer people up ! Found a big crack in our floor under carpet ???!!! Old house
 No news on the job front , child minding paper work still being sorted , but still looking every day !
  My daughter a happy bunny ,as her provisional driving licence came through , and now the dreaded expense of lessons ! she cannot wait to drive but neither could i at age 17 , but it is the insurance on the cars ,a s we  already teenage twins driving that is already costing us over 2500 a year !!   any  one help us out there  to get it any cheaper ?
    Ok moan over ,  Have a good day everyone , Sundays are always busy homework , uniforms  ,cooked dinners. visiting my mam and dad , in laws , then  maybe get to do some listing on e bay if kids let me get on computer  .
 Have a a good week , things got to start looking up soon . Thanks for listening , bye for now love  Helen  xx

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Nana Go-Go said...

Oh, Helen, don`t despair - something will turn up and you`re doing a grand job with making and selling your stuff, which is FAB by the way! When my youngest son (he`ll be 24 in two weeks` time, can`t believe it but then my eldest will be 29 two weeks after that!)passed his test, he insured his car in my name, with him being the named driver. It works out a lot cheaper that way.Have a great week, Helen, chin up! x