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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Glad its Friday tomorrow !

  Hi everyone , gosh what a week !! sickness bugs hit this house full on !!
 Poor little Lucy been off school 4 days but we are all  well now thank goodness ,  between the lose of the  hour on the weekend and then up most nights with even me having this sickness bug , i will be glad to get to bed tonight and hopefully sleep until 6 !!! lets just hope !
  Hope  everyone else has had a better week than me , however i have a few crochet orders so that is all good and had an e mail  saying i passed one intrerview for a job, keep me on file  , no idea if that is good or bad mind you and got some  more forms for more jobs to fill in again !!
 Any way speak soon and please leave me a comment on my    FREE GIVEAWAY  for a white cotton crochet cushion cover ., please leave to read your comments , no matter how big or small please say something to me , very friendly welsh blogger here honest , loving to hear from you all   .
    Take care everyone love   Helen  xx


stitches from wales said...

poor you. I hope youget a good night's sleep tonight.It's 1.15am and I'm stil reading all these blogs !!

♥coco rose♥ said...

Sorry illness has struck your family Helen, we have had it all here too and I am fed up with it all now!!!!!

Loving all your work, glad you have some orders, i'm sure they will be well loved for years!

Have a lovely weekend

Vanessa xxx