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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Look at my my previous granny squared crochet blankets

Bank Holiday Weekend ( Whitsun )

When i was younger , we always had a new outfit for Whitsun . When my kids were small we always took them away in the caravan this week up to the Forest of Dean, but now with work commitments , am i just home catching up and trying to chill !
   On a positive note , i have loads of lovely crocheringness  to show u later . I will try and get photos uploaded    .
                               In the meantime , enjoy your extended holiday break   xxx

Saturday, 17 May 2014

What is everyone;s view on a PSYCHIC ?

This sums up my week but i survived xx

My thoughts for today ! The Human Spirit ! xxx

Losing my job ! Taxes need not be taxing !

  Morning , what a stunning beautiful Morning it is out there ! 

 Not a good week , been told i am going on 28 September, the Government is getting rid of loads of it's staff! U cannot get through now and the waiting time is the customer's main grievance now , so it is going get worse out there ! Sorry to sound off and i know loads of people r in the same boat with jobs and i have lost my job many times before , but i will be 50 , 2 days after they sack us all and it going get far more difficult to keep finding employment .
    Th craziest thing is us so called " new " staff , work loads of shift patterns , long gone has the 9 till 5 office hrs , we worked till 8 on many evenings , we work Saturday's and even work Bank Holiday's , we have been so versitlie , in moving from one job to another on a moments notice .  

If anyone out there works or who has worked in a contact centre , my heartfelt thoughts go out to u  u r tied like a ball and chain to your phone , with every second  monitored and even every toilet break , logged to be the second and low and behold u need an extra break one day !

    Moan over , there is more to life and let be thankfully for this beautiful , glorious Spring Day out there , great day for a washing !   
   Take care every one happy times !  Hook be out later to chillax   xxx 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Granny squared crochet blankets, for baby and babies cot !

  weather has been so bad , so i been busy with my hook

Sunday, 4 May 2014


Beautiful day here in WALES XX   Day off work Monday too , busy crochering this green granny squared blanket .
                  Happy Hols everyone xxx 

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bank Holiday Monday ! Crochering and Chilling !

Morning everyone ! Hope u all have a fab little time out over this May day Bank holiday xxx

  I am in the middle of Crochering a Granny Squared small Crochet  "Cath Kidston "style blanket , i will try and up load photo here soon !   have a little peek !
       Just another little note to tell u all this 

 really works  ! A stone down , Honestly i so determined to get looking fab and 50 !!! haha xxx but it gives u a real boost , honestly message  me , if u want  to know anymore details xxx

Monday, 21 April 2014



Mindanao, Philippines PLEASE HELP!

 Please can u just take a moment to look at this link. My friend has left the UK to go back to her own country and is in desperate need of any financial help or any help , needs sponsor money to get a teacher to help these children . They are so poor , she is now broke but continues to give these children some little hope in getting an education. she left her job with my and has since built a school for them but is not struggling to build such basic things as a toilet with a door !
   PLEASE if you can help my friend at all , she is a blessing to these children , please contact me , if u have anything that could help them xxx  Thank you for taking the time to read this xxx

Easter Monday

Up bright and early ! Just sent oldest daughter on her travels to Dublin for her Easter break . Went there about 5 years and visited the Guinness Factory . So what to do then as up so early  hhhmmm , back to work tomorrow .
      On a plus side i am down 10 pounds ! This has given me a new lease of life , like i have already said , just e mail me if u want to know its secret !

Friday, 18 April 2014

Happy Easter ! PASG HAPUS XXX


 This is my thought for the weekend . Hope u r are keeping well , just finishing another crochet " cath kidston " type cushion in red and a baby white crochet blanket . Hope to catch u all again this weekend , four full days off work and starting a new job in a new department Wednesday , wish me luck .

  Still taking this

 it really is making me full of energy and again if anyone wants to try it with me please contact me  xxx

Sunday, 13 April 2014 and crochet "cath Kidston "style

Morning everyone ! I apologise now for now for not getting back in touch with u all on time lately . Life has been so hectic . Between working full time and everything else that as been going on .

    Hope i find you all well and please keep sending me any e mails , i really do still love receiving them .
 Been a really busy day here , three beds all washed and made back up and a little ironing done but not one of my favourite pastimes !
                                Crochering another " Cath Kisdton " type cushion , pattern made up in my head !

  Anyway i on a mission to get healthy as i am going be the grand old age of   50 , later in this year !

I have heard so many good things about this Juiceplus
     so if anyone wants to join my and get healthy for the summer , please contact me and we will go on this journey together !   Catch u soon and wish me luck x

Friday, 4 April 2014

Hi , everyone , well that is the end of tax year 2013/14 . Been a very busy day !  Hope u all like my new Purple Girly Crochet Cushion cover  xxx

Saturday, 29 March 2014