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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Crochet flowers

   I have been trying to take photos os step by steps of my flowers but photography is not for me .
           1         what i start with is 6 chain stitches and join them together.  a circle is formed.

            2        next 5 chain stitches  , then then just  one loop stitch  into the circle that has formed  and then A double crochet stitch into the circle and then again two chain stitches to take you around the circle .
repeat  this until you have 8 branches from the  circle  , then join with another loop stitch so you have the centre made.
 3       next   ,     do two chain stitches into one of the gaps and then three double crochet stitches and another two stitches and a lop into the same gap and you have made in the one petal .
  4   repeat this i into all the gaps and make 8 petals .
    5  join together to make the flower , with 8 petals .
    6    go to the back of the flower and i make 4 chain  stitches and just join with loop stitches to where every i have attached the petal  tothe  centre and again repeat   four chain stitches .  
   this sounds very complicated but it is not  honestly if i can do it .
  will try get photos up soon  
 lots of love helen xx


Anonymous said...

Thankyou Helen ,I wondered how to make your lovely flowers,I m going to give them a go this afternoon;),I m on a new blog now as mix up with my name its just' a tale from toadstool house'.Hope you are well and the job s going great?have a lovely day,julie.xx

stitches from wales said...

thanks Helen, just what I wanted to know. Have a good weekend Pauline

stitches from wales said...

me again, when you've made the flower, do you carry on with the square or sew the flower on seperately?? Have been doing it this evening and mine dont look like yours. Just looked at yours again, they're much better !!