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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A big thank to everyone who visits my crochering blog !!

  Morning everyone , i would like  to say  BIG BIG thank you to everyone who has visited me , since the  Lovely ,Lucy from Attic 24, mentioned me in her very popular and friendly blog !!
   Thank you all so much and could not believe how many of you , love to crochet too! Glad to see it is all "coming " back into fashion .  I still have my first  bed blanket i made when i was about 9  10 years of age , which my mam still has in her house and it is just about all in tact !!???
  Busy day for  me as usual , still been up early doing a few red granny squares for my New blanket ! All Cath kidston looking yummiest about it !!  Hubby off to scotland with work , and it looks pretty cold and
miserable weather wise up there according to GMTV .   Me  , normal mother of five things to do , then college to try and get this NVQ finished in childcare and learning development ?? , then check on my poor mam who has this cruel , horrible alzheimer's disease  , such an unfair and degrading disease  and then back to the normal mam of five things as it will be tea time in this mad , lively  crazy household !! Oh and i guess listen again and again about the dare i say it Our new prime  minister , please do not get me started on that !         
           Anyway catch you all later and thanks again for taking the time to drop by and i will keep you updated on the new blankets  , Luv Helen xxxxxx


♥coco rose♥ said...

Morning Helen! Hope your week is going ok so far and your blankets are coming along nicely! I loved the turquoise one you did! Lucy's blog is fab isn't it! It was her lovely tutorials that helped me to get started and now the crochet bug has well and truly hit! he he! It sounds all go for you! I don't know how you dod it all with hubby, 5 kids and your parents to look after. It must be so hard seeing your mum like that. I'm not sure how I would cope, so i think you are such a star, and a fab mum too! Take care love Vanessa xxx

lynnie said...

i love your blankets ..all made with love too...precious..lynnie

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you as I know how hard it is to cope with life sometimes. I've also had to juggle family life with a terminally ill grandfather (and a Grandmother who wasn't well enough herself to cope) and some days are better than others but I always face each day with a hopeful smile and it sounds like you do too! Crochet is a lovely way to channel your energies into something positive - that's my view anyway.

Take care