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Sunday, 11 April 2010

A beautiful sunny day here in WALES!!

  Wow,  what a beautiful day today is ,so Spring like !
   Still crochering my lemon and pink blanket  and still no babies from Candy the Cat , i reckon it is next weekend , the due dates , as daddy turned up on valentines weekend ! and he did have  a good weekend , i guess!
 Any way , 23 years ago today i became a  Mrs !  So much has changed since that time . I am firstly living in a different house , which i thought i would  never do,secondly i have five children , which i most certainly did not think i would do and thirdly i am  much much bigger than 23 years ago !!
 I thought you were supposed to get better "off"" , after 23 years of marraige well finacially were are much worse off , as we were both working full time and only 4 mouths to feed , myself , hubby ,  a cat called joey and a dog called Nellie , they were part of the marriage deal !
  Now , we have  7 human mouths to feed and clothe , three cats and a dog , oh and more kittens due and i do not work !   would ?  i do it all again , i of course i would  ,but these  days they  do not get married they  just seem to set up home together and sort the  marriage thing out much later  .
 Oh well better get back to the crochering and house work , cleaning  , cooking , washing , ironing all the  normal things after 23 years !!   what is 23 years of marriage called ? any ideas ?  
  Take care everyone and enjoy the sunshine !!   Luv  Helen xxxx


swedishouse said...

On this glorious sunny day...
May the sun always shine on you and your marraige
Happy Anniversary
God bless
Julie x

Country Style Living said...

Congratulations on you wedding anniversary...Have a lovely day!