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Sunday, 11 April 2010


  Ok got wedding dress and nope it would not fit!!    guess not ever going to see 8 stone again !! oh well , my 7 year old is having fun walking around wearing it !! my older girls are much taller than me , so lets hope the last one stays shorter and may get to wear it , if she wants !!  ok take care Helen XXX    still like the look of the design but just wish it would fit , may do if i stitch four of them together  , what u think shall i have a go  ??? hhahaha


swedishouse said...

Aww all good fun :)
I reckon you should post a photo of you on your wedding day...I'll show you mine if you show me yours lol!
Love julie x

Helen said...

Hi Julie , will do , when i can get my girls to help upload photo! Oh just to be that age again ! thanks , take care luv Helen xxx