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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Cold Wales today

My Winter garden

Please take a look at Julie blog about looking through our window on a Tuesday xx

Looking out of my window xx

Fields behind our house

Lots more snow here in south Wales !!

Up nice and early  hubby gone to work in Cardiff , unsure if any school s will be open though , so do i have work today ??  I think only 4 x 4 getting out and about today /
   Been up most of the night anyway as kids  have had this sickness bug !! I felt unwell last night too but lucky it seems to have passed  .
  Lets hope there is no school and i can sit  and crochet all day , watching Maisey's belly growing , only a week to go now   .
   Catch you later , and try and get a photo of our snow for you .
   Take care , keep warm Love Helen xxx

Friday, 26 November 2010

Well can you believe it , still snowing looking pretty thick with snow out there now . Yes all heating sorted , just tried to get out with hubby's 4 x 4  but traffic is moving very very slow and my little car , which is white is totally covered now with snow !!
      No milk left in the shops , good job i got some on the way to work and not on the way home today !
  Only shame it is a Friday and i was off work anyway on a Saturday and a Sunday    , but then again all the kids in school said we are having more next week and anyhow they promised me they are all doing a snow dance over the weekend for some time off  hahah 
  Ok keep warm everyone , wrap up warm in a crochet blanket .
     take care  Helen  xxxxxxxxx


  Outside my window earlier on and still snowing !!  xx

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Happy birthday to my hubby !!

  Happy birthday  51 years young today ! 
  Not a good start to the day ,as freezing cold heating stopped working through the night and no hot water this morning !!  nightmare with 7 in the house !!
      All sorted now though  , lets see if we can have a calmer evening !
Went  to Cardiff in the week to see mama mia !  What a great up lifting show .
     Speak soon everyone , keep warm  no snow here yet in south Wales  xx    
 lots of love   Helen   xx

Monday, 22 November 2010

Count down to christmas !

 Hi everyone been busy again , working all week again in school .  we have been practising the school Nativity play today , 41 , 3 / 4 years old's  !   Help is needed , i can assure you !
   Also  , i have been trying to do loads of  eBay listing to raise some money for Santa and i need to be crocheting as i have a few orders to make before the man in the red suit , with a white beard arrives !
    Take care everyone and hope your Christmas preparations are coming along nicely   XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Cakes made today by my daughter!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Been working all week and work next week !

  Busy bee me these days work all week , next week and two days the following week ! 
  Still trying to keep crocheting too and i am off out tomorrow night !! i never go out so it is all  or nothing .
   However the ironing is starting to look a little too high !
      Speak soon , take care   and only 37 days to go  for xmas  XXXx               Lots of love Helen xx

New crochet cushion cover

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Child minding exam

   Evening everyone  , what a miserable cold wet day here in wales.
    Been up early again , after a full week of work and more work next week !  Been today to sit my child minding exam ! think it was a bit OTT to be honest . I have been working all week with 3 years old , on time on my own with 23 of them , now just to look after 3 children , under three been going back and for to college on Saturdays and Tuesday evenings and today had to sit an exam!!!???  
 All tables set out like we were in school , all silence etc etc , do not turn over paper and start ??  seemed very unfair i think as some people go to pieces in exam but will go to college , have all police checks , first aid cert , hygiene cert but still need to pass this exam !! brought 5 of my own kids , all seem to have or are turning into "normal "human beings . Oh well  , watch this space , all i can say is i asked how long can you Wait until till you sit it again ??? hahah 
    Have a nice evening everyone watching X factor and  /or strictly come dancing  . Me i need to get on with my ironing but   i prefer to start another crocheting project . 
  Take care and enjoy your evening whatever you decide to do  
   Love   Helen xxxxxxxxx

crochet blanket

Another dolly blanket

Thursday, 11 November 2010

work again !!

  Been to work again today . Fun times with the smaller children and so sad that even today some children , look so sad and so poor . Hard to believe in this day and age .  It is so  good  now that many have free breakfast and free school meals now  . These children are generally the most loving and caring of the all the children and are like little sponges and  absorb all the info and all the loving care you give them .   Hope my kids realize how lucky they are .
   Take care everyone , lots of love   Helen xx

Hope you like my cushion cover !!

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My new crochet cushion cover

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Been to work again today and yesterday !!

 Busy busy busy  , yes another two days work for me  , loads to do though and still in college last night doing my child minding course !  Speak soon , got to catch up on everyday jobs with 5 kids !  XX 
Ps Maisey looking swell  XXx   Love Helen xxxxxxxxxx