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Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

 Thank you for the blogger award Annmarie! I will pass this on to five other bloggers and try and think of seven interesting things about me!

1. I am 45 years young (old) as my kids would say!
2. Talking of kids, I have 5 ranging from my 19 year old Twins, to my youngest at 7.
3. Tv - I don't get to watch alot, but when I do, I watch Eastenders or family history programmes such as 'Who do you think you are'!
4. Genealogy is one of my main hobbies, I have been doing it since I was 18 so I have gone back quite a few generations! Over 500 years!
5. Been crocheting since I was a child but stopped at about 22 when I got married until around 4 years ago. I didn't crochet one blanket for any of my children as it was never 'in' when they were young. Now it is very popular which allows me to indulge in my hobby.
6. My family and I all love carvanning, have been doing it for 12 years, since my fourth child was born. This year we travelled down to Spain with 6 other families, all in our caravans!
7. I have been with my husband for 28 years, married for 23!

There are lots and lots of lovely blogs I enjoy reading, but here are the five I have selected for the award! :)
Swedish House
My Grannies Attic
Shop Chez Sophie
Coco Rose Textiles
Are we nearly there yet?

^^^^^^ Tell 7 things about yourself and award 5 other people this award! xxx


♥coco rose♥ said...

Oooooh it's great to learn a bit more about you Helen! Thanks for passing on the Award, have to find 7 interesting things about me...not sure I can find that many, i'm a bit boring! Will have a go! Have a super day! love Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Awwww...thank you honey. xxx

Someone else awarded me this award recently, I feel a very lucky girl.

I neeeeeeed a caravan and also neeeeeeed one of your blankets. Love them soooooooo much. xxx

swedishouse said...

Awww Helen
Thank you ;-)for sharing your award. Loved reading your 7 things about you...
Have a wonderful weekend...hope you get loads of crocheting time a much as you like :-D
Chat soon
God Bless

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Thanks Helen for the lovely award.
Loving your pink blankets, we must catch up on FB soon.
Luv & hugs Sophie xxx