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Sunday, 19 February 2012

happy sunday xx

Hi everyone ,  still got my miserable cold and cough but it has to go sometime !  cannot complain , as i am sure there are plenty of  people with worse colds than me ! Just need to time i guess for the body to recover  , but no time to rest in this household !  
     Feeling a bit off today as have had to make the decision to sell our much loved caravan , we have had loads of wonderful times in it , in this country as well as Spain and France but times are a changing and money is tight !
 Even though i am working that has just replaced all our child tax credits we lost and as everyone knows , life gets more expensive , kids cost more not less as they get older ! oh well needs must , lets hope  one day we can get back into caravanning anyway , just we had the van from new and kids are upset its going !
    On a positive note , i am looking forward to saturday to see Wales and England in the rugby   . This is the match that has to be watched if you are welsh and you  just have to be born welsh to understand how much it means to us   ,  lets hope we all have a good day and take care everyone!

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awww what a shame...<3