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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Well hows the week been for everyone !!

  I feel i have just been trying to recover from the roller coaster of the last two weeks .  With Christmas , then daughter birthday , then away for new year  , then full time work last week and today my son 14 th birthday !! He was a huge baby , just short of 11 POUNDS !!!  when he was born and all with just gas and air !! , then i went on to fed him myself for over 2 years !! , no wonder he has grown to such a big lad !!
   However , i feel today is the day i start to calm down now . as all partying is just about over and no work next week and so hoping to catch up on all washing and ironing and finally get back to the crocheting , i am ready to get back into it now !
   Oh i have managed to pass my child  minding exams  , to become a registered child minder , would have been such a laugh if i had failed though , as mam of 5 , college work to work in nursery and schools , but it was horrible to sit exams at my ripe old age !!   Any way  , take care . keep warm  , and above all be happy   xxx


swedishouse said...

Well Done!
But like you say ridiculous when you have 5 children...
But it's the law of the land
health and safety...etc.

Nana Go-Go said...

Congratulations to you Helen - Very Well Done - I bet you passed with flying colours too - no more traipsing out in the snow and rain to get to work for you!