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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hi everyone !

  Hi everyone , hope you are well . Been a horrible day here yesterday !
  As i mentioned ,   I have been looking after my cousin little child , for the past few weeks , well i took a photo a little while back of him with the kittens , well his poor father  only 31 had a brain haemorrhage yesterday . No warning , not ill at  all fit and  healthy young man . He still in hospital and no news , not good or bad as of yet , as he still very much sedated .   Just seem a cruel world when someone so young , with a young family , to have this , and the  shock , i guess as it is so sudden and now  no one knows what the  outcome is going to be . we should all enjoy life and try and make the most of everyday , i know  life is hectic and too busy these days for everyone , and i guess we should all stop and appreciate the smaller things  in life .
               Anyway on to some happier , brighter  news my daughter had her  prom last night ! We never had them in my day , but all her friends looked lovely , both the boys and the girls . All their GCSE's over finished and completed , just wait and see now in august for the results , and i wish them all the luck in the world .
    Speak soon and please feel free to enter  my give away , i will upload some more photos of the cushion cover          luv from  Helen xx


♥coco rose♥ said...

Oh Helen what sad news to hear. I really hope that the news is good. Such a terrible thing to happen to someone so young. You are right it makes you realise that you need to stop a bit more and appreciate what you have. Life seems to fly by and needs to be appreciated much much more. All my thoughts are with the family.

Ah prom! We never had them either when I was at school and they seem to be such a big thing these days. I'm glad your daughter enjoyed herself and fingers crossed she gets the marks she wants from her exams. Your cushion covers look AMAZING! I hope you didn't mind me linking to your blog in my post, but your blankets are so gorgeous, I wanted to share you and your blog with anyone who hadn't yet met you!!!!!!

I hope that the weather improves and you get to have a good rest of a week. xxxxx

p.s.....hope your mum is doing ok at the moment. x

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen,

So sad to hear that :-( A colleague of mine (in his early 30's) died recently from brain cancer, which was diagnosed just weeks after his wife found out she was pregnant. They managed to operate & keep him with us so he could see his baby, but he lost his fight a few months later. It really is so tragic and seems so unfair when those with so much to live for have bad things like that happen to them. But yes, it makes us all grateful for our health and happiness & appreciate every little thing we have.

Take care, Rose X