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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

hi everyone

   Hi everyone , been a while seen i was last blogging  ,  been busy as always  , but just managed to finish another Red blanket  and about to start a blue one , for someone with a blue camper van  , i will upload some pictures later .
   Three of my kittens , went to thier new homes yesterday and i have had  reports back that they slept all night !!  two brothers were lucky enough to be homed together and one  little boy  , went to a member of my family , so  i will be able to keep  in touch with him !! 
    The ginger boy is going to my mam on friday as it is her birthday ! she loved cats , still 
 does i think , just this horrible cruel alzheimers  , taking it toll far too quickly and aggressively .
No  idea it is her birthday , how old she is , or who the heck is this  person ( me , her daughter )  , going on about being a birthday girl soon !!
      Take care everyone and enjoy life ,as good job we do not know  what is around for all of us , so enjoy life while we can  And never take anything for granted  . 
    On a happier note  , getting nearer for our summer hols , just wish i  had more will power to STOP EATING !!!!!   
                                  Bye  bye for now Luv   Helen xxx


♥coco rose♥ said...

Helen, you are a busy bee! Just wish I had half your talent...and speed! My blankets seem to be taking forever! Glad your kittens have been able to go to good homes. I hope your mum gets to have a nice birthday. It must be so awful to see her deteriorate from how she used to be, but I am sure she will have the most lovely of days with you there to give her birthday wishes! I know what you mean about food too! The summer sun is arriving but there is no way I am show off body ready!....never will be really but I like my food too much! Have a lovely day! xxx

Sarah said...

Just found your blog so thought I'd pop by! I'm struggling with learning how to crochet so end up buying crochet blankets. Now I've found you - I may well be back in touch!

swedishouse said...

Hello Helen

Oh that's good news about the cats.
Happy Birthday to your Mam...a kitten for your's amazing how alzheimers sufferers are soo receptive to animals and babies/children...I know that my mum 'comes alive' when she see's babies or small children...and gravitates towards them in a pram with a huge smile on her face...I almost have to hold her back. I do hope your Mam is able to enjoy and respond to her kitten :-)
Enjoy your week
Love Julie x