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Monday, 7 February 2011


Anita said:

      ''Helen sweetie, you have an opportunity to make money out of your home on some kind of craft, hobby or creative business. Your ideas to redecorate your home may be costly, but there could be long-term financial benefit in having a more attractive home.
    Wow this is what my stars have said today May be a crochet business and now is also the time to do all the work on the house , need loads done , flooring , carpets etc etc , and get my child minding business under way  .     Very appropriate i thought . Still load s to do though , police checks on us all , all going to be OK but very time consuming as i have three children over 16 in the house too , then still need confirmation off the doctors that i am a OK and hubby , then finally i have to have an inspector from social services to check my home !!   This again is the most frightening , as i feel i am being judged !
   I already work in school , so this has already been done but i guess you can never be too careful  .
  Thanks again , have a good day , blowing , raining and cold here in Wales today   XXX take care  Helen xx
          How does everyone cope with all the washing and ironing , in this constant rain !!  so struggling   for 7 of us  xx

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