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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A big Thank you to Sophie !

Hi good morning ,  thank u Sophie for a lovely  link from your blog to mine!  Much appreciated !
 Hope everyone is not too cold and wet , what a horrible start weather wise to the Kids Easter holidays !more like january and not the  start of spring , never mind at least they are having loads of lie ins ! but  me i cannot stay in bed , always up early but i cannot stay up like the  older kids any more , old age must be on its way !! ( Haha) .

  Ok getting rid of three kids today , three off out for the day with their friends  , just another two to go and we will have the  house to ourselves, except three cats , and a dog but that is not going to happen , what a boring queit house that  would be , not even sure we could cope with the silence but i would  love to have a go !!
    As for the crochering just started a lovely  lemon , pinks , blue bedspread ,  only done  three squares so many more to go . Onto Candy the cat looking swell, i think another two and half weeks to go , but she is keeping very well  and i am constantly checking on her and u can now feel the little kittens moving and making  her tummy rumbling .  Dolly the kitten is due for her micro  chip this week and her second jabs , lets hope teh micro chip stays in , unlike her mams which fell out !! 
 Speak soon , enjoy your easter eggs , easter cake or even your easter break   Helen xx


Friday, 26 March 2010

candy with babies on the way !!

Another blanket just finished and put on  E bay !

Rain , rain go away ! Here we go ready for easter !

HI everyone , hope u are all ready for the school holidays ! Look out five home here and already started raining .
       We good luck whatever you decided to do on your easter hols .
 I just thought i would  let u know that i went to see the X factor last night , with 4 of my children and a child's friend !
     It was in the CIA in Cardiff , and wow was it a good show . Maybe  as i was not looking forward to going out in such a cold, wet evening but they were all brilliant ! 
   Jedward , were really , full of life and beans and really made the show for the children and they were so close to everyone and they even flew through the air !  Joe . Olly , lucy , Stacey .lloyd and Jamie  Afro were all brilliant and very , very entertaining , i enjoyed  x factor in the  tv but they were very very good and even better live!   A great night was throughly enjoyed by all !!
  Anyway back to the holidays , full steam ahead if i can with some   crochering , just finishing off a small green blanket and then onto   onto three  bed spreads > If i have time , later i am going to make a small throw  for my own bedroom , all this crochering and i not made any for myself! 
   ok take care , keep dry  and have a good easter , Luv Helen xxx

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Cushion Cover on ebay!

New blue blanket finished !

Hi there everyone , hope all is well . I have finished my blue version of the Cath Kidston 's blue blanket . Here's some pics!  I have also been having a go at the crochet wreaths from attic 24 blog , they do look pretty  .
More news my cat is getting fatter !  Really look  pregnant now , but i think a little smaller than last time but i may be wrong  , i was heavier carrying one baby , then carrying twins !! I know  no idea , must have eat more   . oh well  , i reckon she has another good three weeks left , i think it all happened over valentines weekend  myself ,  but i have asked her but she refuses to let me when the  deed was done ! It is real funny as since the vet confirmed that new kittens are on the way , she has gone bigger . well you know  now she thinks , can stop hidding it   !! Speak soon , take care luv Helen Xxxxxx

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Crochet hearts

      Hi there  just found these lovely crochet hearts on someone else blogs , going to have a go next week , thought you owuld liek to share some with me      ,  have a go luv Helen xx

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


So been struggling to get blanket photos up loaded  ,  hope this works  !   feel free to look at past blankets , i have made over the  last two years !  

       Just a quick blog , take care  Helen xx
Hi all, some more of my previous work. Hope the link works as hubby has been pulling his hair out!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Hi all

 Hi again , i am trying my best to up load these photos but please bare with me .
   I can make crochet cushions , in different colours and sizes and blankets/ throws afghans to match , please just e mail me >

  I do not follow any pattern , so yours will be a one off as i just do what i think looks right !!   well hopefully it will !  
Take care   and do not forget  my e mail is      l XX

Some of my earlier work!

HAPPY Mother's day

 Hi everyone , happy mothers to everyone out there , who is a mam or to everyone who cares like  a mam , wishes they could be a mam or even wishes their  mam was here  and  not have to face another  mother's day , without their mam. 
   Tomorrow morning , i guess i will be woken up TOO early and be wished a happy mothers day !
I will be made to drink my tea  Now ! eat breakfast and then eat my chocolates all well before 7 o clock !!
     Have a great day everyone out there and i will be thinking of us mothers being spoilt !   As if !  
    I just wish my mam , knew she was my mam , that would  be a great mother's day pressie , if only Alzheimer's  would disappear for an hour  !   Take care everyone and please follow  me on my new blog      Thank you  Luv   Helen xxx